Slimen Elkamel

Born in 1983 in Mezzouna, Tunisia. 

Lives and works in Tunis. 

Slimen Elkamel's childhood was nourished by popular tales, and shaped by the imagination of a rural environment where the tradition of storytelling and poetry flourished.

His studies at the Institut supérieur des beaux-arts in Tunis enabled him to crystallize this literary and intellectual heritage into a singular plastic practice. A practice whose genesis lies in writing, and which draws its resources from texts that are sometimes poetic or literary, sometimes memorial or improvised.
The daily scriptural exercise, as much as it circumscribes, extends the horizons of Slimen Elkamel's plastic universe. Not far from free figuration, the artist questions the relationship between the real and the imaginary through the dramatization of the constellated image.

The figure of a reality levitates in the space of an imagination and a prolific abundance where the transfiguration of the social and popular fact is played out in a surrealist vision.
Images of memory and images of reality, taken from everyday media, intersect in a pictorial field where, at the edge of the picture, the rustle of a dialogue begins endlessly, not for the telling of a fact, but for a feast of stories.