El Mehdi Largo

Born in 1992, in Morocco.

He lives and works in Paris. 

He graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Le Mans in 2015. Incisive, El Mehdi Largo's art is rooted in reality. Photography, video, installation and ceramics are his preferred media.
His work revolves around endurance, breath in the broadest sense of the term, and the fragility of life's exhalation. His work is concerned with the articulation of identity and strangeness.

He questions strangeness through the five languages that keep him on the periphery, whether in Europe (Italy, France) or in his native Morocco. His situation allows him to question the construction of strangeness. He identifies the norm, the structures at work, and the points of contact that link the social sciences to art and form. His desire to understand the world is based on his autobiographical subject, and he masters its spatial and temporal crossings. The viewer is seized by the political contours of the narrative, and in the absence of an uprising, the local requires a re-qualification of the global.

After winning the Prix Dauphine du Public, he took part in several group exhibitions in Paris, Marseille, Marrakech, Turin and New York.