TELEPHONE: +33 9 51 40 73 44 / +33 1 71 37 93 09
OPENING HOURS : Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 7pm.
Sunday and Monday by appointment.


La La Lande is rooted in utopia and dreams. A world of beginnings and creation, lending the gallery a name and a lineage.


Galerie La La Lande was founded in 2018. After three years in the fourteenth arrondissement, we moved to the foot of the Centre Pompidou, in the heart of rue Quincampoix. A trajectory between the two banks that illustrates a moving crossing.

The architecture of the space leads to a two-stage immersion. From the picture rails on the first floor, where the works are exposed, nailed or hung, there is a glimpse of a descent that leads to the experimental basement, designed for hybrid arrangements. Here, subterranean worlds open up, invisible to the naked eye. Waiting for the gaze that will awaken them.


The gallery showcases artists from the MENA region, whose work is both poetic and political. What they have in common is wonder, exile and quest. Questions and challenges to identity, gender, norms and departure. What they have in common are narrative figurations and societal art. Wave-like musicalities that sway between distorted or symmetrical forms.
In this way, the gallery is part of the committed new wave, which aspires to deconstruct and put forward alternative reflections, from between the two shores and across. The primary aspiration remains that of reaching out to people, and making art accessible - inscribing it in a dialogue.


The gallery's artists question and dissect 'dominant norms' through their work, redefining malleable and evolving identities, freed from prejudice. Between the Eldorados of exile and the crossing of the Mediterranean, from violence and guilt to candid emergence. Mediums are at the service of the artist's philosophy. The moving images of cinema are frozen on paper, where they come to life. Etchings dramatize reality, paintings transcend the watertightness of politics.


The gallery is at the heart of contemporary art from North Africa and the Middle East. The artists' works are exhibited around the world at international fairs. Artists are followed closely, together, as they emerge, with an emphasis on connection. For the visibility of young contemporary creation.